A Leviticus Bible Study? Dare We? Oh, We Dare!


This Sunday night we will start a new Bible study series on the book of…… Leviticus! Seriously. Not joking. Leviticus.

In this study we will explore how Leviticus feeds into “the Greatest Story Ever Told,” the story of salvation in Jesus Christ. We will see how Leviticus is staging things for that once-for all-sacrifice ‘by which we are perfected’ (Heb 10:14), the cross of Jesus Christ.

We will also wrestle through the confusing and quirky passages–the food laws, the moldy houses, and yes even the stuff in Leviticus 15.

To guide our study, we will be using a booklet published by Crossway, in the Knowing the Bible series. This study was written by Rev. Dr. Michael LeFebvre, who is an RPCNA minister and has done doctoral studies in the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible).

Though Leviticus often proves difficult to read through, we are going to uncover some real theological and practical gold in this study. And it may very well change how you feel about reading Leviticus on your own.

Join us tomorrow night at 6PM at The Pointe!