Sunday School

Sundays at 9AM. Our Sunday School classes are focused on discipleship in the truth of God’s word. We are equipped to offer classes to all ages, but currently we have three classes: an adult class, a class for children ages 6-8, and a toddler class. Our children’s classes aim to teach the “pure milk of the word” (1 Peter 2:2) by teaching basic biblical doctrines and stories.

The children’s classes use Sunday School curriculums from Great Commission Publications. The toddler class is using the Show Me Jesus curriculum (You can learn more about it here). The ages 6-8 class is learning a classical allegory of the Christian life called Pilgrim’s Progress (You can learn more about it here).

The adult class has tackled a wide range of topics. It has looked at worldviews and apologetics, doctrines and the catechism, lay ministry and counselling, and church history.

Currently, they are studying a book by Paul Tripp called War of Words: Getting to the Heart of Your Communication Problems (You can learn more about it here).

Our Services

Sundays at 10AM – Worship Service. Our worship services are focused on giving glory to God through the mediator Jesus Christ in the strength of the Holy Spirit. We believe that worship is a covenantal meeting between God and his people. God speaks to us through his Word and sacrament, and we respond with prayer and praise. We believe in a Gospel-centered ministry. This does not mean that the Gospel is the only thing that we talk about in worship, but it does mean that we relate all things back to the gracious, redeeming work of Christ. 

NOTE: We do have a nursery for small children during the worship service.

Second Service

We gather a second time each Sunday for more discipleship and praise. On 1st ,2nd , 4th (and 5th) Sundays we meet at 6pm for Bible Study. On 3rd Sundays, after the fellowship meal we gather for an informal hymn sing time.

Fellowship Meals/Hymn Sings

On the third Sunday of every month, after the morning service we enjoy a fellowship meal together, and some of us stay a little longer after that for an informal hymn sing time.

Other Gatherings

We also meet at other times. We have a men’s group that meets on first and third Wednesdays for a book discussion and fellowship time (NOTE: men’s group resumes in March). We also have a women’s group that meets on second and forth Wednesdays of the month for book discussion and fellowship. On the last Friday on the month, some of our ladies get together for needlework night. The point of all these gatherings is that we like spending time together and we like encouraging one another with the Gospel.